Registered voters in Colorado ZIP Code 81330
as of 1 January 2019
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BALES, JESSY EUGENE (Voter ID number 601658176).
Status: Active Born: 1981
BARTH, CHERIE LYNN (Voter ID number 4892675).
Status: Inactive Born: 1959
BAYNES, STEPHEN DOUGLAS (Voter ID number 601708999).
Status: Active Born: 1984
DAY, KIALEY MAURISA (Voter ID number 601469133).
Status: Active Born: 1991
FLATT, JOHN WILDER (Voter ID number 600349346).
Status: Active Born: 1975
GARCIA, STEFANIE ALEXIS (Voter ID number 601779204).
Status: Active Born: 1974
GILBERT, BETTE ANNE (Voter ID number 600229437).
Status: Inactive Born: 1969
GILBERT, PAUL ARTHUR (Voter ID number 600227385).
Status: Inactive Born: 1956
GROVES, SANDY LYNNE (Voter ID number 600572339).
Status: Active Born: 1961
HADDIX, JEREMIAH SHANE (Voter ID number 601153775).
Status: Inactive Born: 1975
HAGGERTY, ROBERT MICHAEL (Voter ID number 601296576).
Status: Active Born: 1962
HINOJOSA, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 601742220).
Status: Active Born: 1982
IRELAND, BRIDGET MARIE (Voter ID number 601506687).
Status: Active Born: 1980
KRISKO, STEPHEN MICHAEL (Voter ID number 601117065).
Status: Active Born: 1976
LEASTMAN, MARCIA LEA (Voter ID number 600415642).
Status: Active Born: 1976
LINDSEY, JEFFERY (Voter ID number 601742195).
Status: Active Born: 1978
LORANG, LISA LYNN (Voter ID number 600815004).
Status: Inactive Born: 1984
NELSON, BRENT (Voter ID number 601891686).
Status: Active Born: 1993
NGUYEN, YEN HONG (Voter ID number 601153780).
Status: Inactive Born: 1985
PALLO, CARLY SHAYNE (Voter ID number 601596132).
Status: Active Born: 1986
PRESTON, MICHAEL SCOTT (Voter ID number 601332629).
Status: Inactive Born: 1967
RANKIN, COLE MITCHELL (Voter ID number 600584857).
Status: Active Born: 1994
SCHEID, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS (Voter ID number 601596154).
Status: Active Born: 1976
SLEVIN, JOHN MICHAEL (Voter ID number 601671432).
Status: Active Born: 1951
SWANNACK, JERVIS DANIEL (Voter ID number 4896661).
Status: Active Born: 1938
WEBBER, MICAH THOMAS (Voter ID number 601741451).
Status: Active Born: 1987
WEBER, DENISE LEE (Voter ID number 601177922).
Status: Active Born: 1986
ZAGHA, ELIAS MATHEW (Voter ID number 600385896).
Status: Active Born: 1980
Monday 21 January 2019 20:47:31 UTC