Registered voters in Colorado ZIP Code 80511
as of 1 January 2019
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HAGMAIER, TANJA M. (Voter ID number 601414091).
Status: Active Born: 1969


ELLSWORTH, CRAIG (Voter ID number 600779701).
Status: Active Born: 1962


ADAMS, CINDY SUE (Voter ID number 601744152).
Status: Active Born: 1957
ADAMS, DANIEL DEAN (Voter ID number 601744153).
Status: Active Born: 1956


ADAMAK, SARA (Voter ID number 600672388).
Status: Active Born: 1985
BAILEY, TRACY CELIA (Voter ID number 601045302).
Status: Active Born: 1974
BEACH, ROBERT BAILEY (Voter ID number 600444092).
Status: Active Born: 1961
BIRD, HEATHER MARIE (Voter ID number 1565473).
Status: Active Born: 1979
BIRD, MATTHEW THOMAS (Voter ID number 1566652).
Status: Active Born: 1979
BLOUGH, LUCAS RAY (Voter ID number 601091507).
Status: Inactive Born: 1988
BURRELL, BENJAMIN JAMES (Voter ID number 200331495).
Status: Active Born: 1983
CARROLL, FOREST ANN (Voter ID number 601891862).
Status: Active Born: 1957
COLLESIDES, ALEXA CATHERINE (Voter ID number 601942665).
Status: Active Born: 1993
COLLINS, LAURA ANN (Voter ID number 200247886).
Status: Active Born: 1962
COOPER, JOSHUA WAYNE (Voter ID number 7977025).
Status: Inactive Born: 1976
DIETRICH, CLINTON WAYNE (Voter ID number 600515026).
Status: Inactive Born: 1978
DUKE, SHANA MARIE (Voter ID number 601594803).
Status: Inactive Born: 1994
ECKER, ROBERT ERNEST (Voter ID number 1565352).
Status: Inactive Born: 1951
EDWARDS, ADAM JAMAL (Voter ID number 601340085).
Status: Inactive Born: 1989
GEILERT, MEGAN (Voter ID number 601913343).
Status: Active Born: 1996
GILSENAN, PAMELA A. (Voter ID number 600424100).
Status: Active Born: 1950
HILLIER, TRENT CHARLES (Voter ID number 601811947).
Status: Active Born: 1997
HOLIFIELD, WILLIAM TYLER (Voter ID number 601069487).
Status: Inactive Born: 1993
JOHNSON, MELADEE BLISS (Voter ID number 601861045).
Status: Active Born: 2000
JOHNSON, TIMOTHY ALLEN (Voter ID number 1568696).
Status: Active Born: 1966
KLEIN, DAVID LAWRENCE (Voter ID number 601563725).
Status: Inactive Born: 1992
LAFON, MATTHEW GENE (Voter ID number 8525574).
Status: Active Born: 1979
MERRIMAN, GAIL ROGGE (Voter ID number 601021303).
Status: Inactive Born: 1956
MERRIMAN, JACOB HAYES (Voter ID number 601188556).
Status: Inactive Born: 1993
MERRIMAN, RICHARD LEE (Voter ID number 601021277).
Status: Inactive Born: 1956
MORAN, MARGARET KATHERYNE (Voter ID number 601932816).
Status: Active Born: 1994
MORRIS, TIANA LASHAL (Voter ID number 601387486).
Status: Inactive Born: 1992
OATIS, DAVID WAYNE (Voter ID number 601851900).
Status: Active Born: 1963
ORELLANA, TRACI ERYN (Voter ID number 1573273).
Status: Active Born: 1983
PIERCE, MARK RAYMOND (Voter ID number 600365925).
Status: Active Born: 1975
PIPPIN, ELIZABETH ANN (Voter ID number 601010532).
Status: Active Born: 1950
RICHARDSON, CHRISTINA ANN (Voter ID number 601618085).
Status: Active Born: 1984
RICHARDSON, NICHOLAS FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 600488185).
Status: Active Born: 1981
ROSARIO-ACOSTA, GLADYS NEREIDA (Voter ID number 601784126).
Status: Inactive Born: 1993
SCARBORO, KATIE RACHAEL (Voter ID number 2943072).
Status: Active Born: 1986
SEMELYN, LAUREN ANNA (Voter ID number 1565090).
Status: Active Born: 1983
SIMPSON, JONATHAN ANDREW (Voter ID number 601052512).
Status: Inactive Born: 1992
STEWART, MARY KATHRYN (Voter ID number 601274206).
Status: Inactive Born: 1984
VAN DURME, ALYSSA JO (Voter ID number 601596341).
Status: Inactive Born: 1988
WADDLE, ALANA MICHELLE (Voter ID number 601234423).
Status: Inactive Born: 1991
WADDLE, ELI THOMAS (Voter ID number 600488243).
Status: Inactive Born: 1990
WALLACE, SAMUEL JOYNER (Voter ID number 601776152).
Status: Inactive Born: 1995
WHITE, AMANDA LEIGH (Voter ID number 601537079).
Status: Active Born: 1988
WHITE, CHRISTOPHER CLAYTON (Voter ID number 601115722).
Status: Active Born: 1988
WIGGINS, WHITNEY RUTH (Voter ID number 601693830).
Status: Active Born: 1985
WOODEN, SHANE ALLEN (Voter ID number 601526775).
Status: Active Born: 1968
WOODSON, HANNAH ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 601856966).
Status: Active Born: 1994


LAFON, MELISA ANNE (Voter ID number 8516599).
Status: Active Born: 1978


KASUNICH, CHERYL LOUISE (Voter ID number 600807600).
Status: Active Born: 1946
KASUNICH, GEORGE EDWARD (Voter ID number 600807622).
Status: Active Born: 1943


SCHAKENBACH, JOHN THOMAS (Voter ID number 601612901).
Status: Active Born: 1953
SCHAKENBACH, LINDA ANN (Voter ID number 601612922).
Status: Active Born: 1956
Monday 21 January 2019 20:47:05 UTC